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Long time no blog :(

It's been a while since I bloged last so I thought I would log in and drop a quick note. Will discuss a couple things. Nascar Coke Zero 400 last night, and Ryan Dungey. Nascar - what a race, it as fun from my point of view. Jeff moved up 3 spots i… more »

Site updated, #Nascar

Updated my site, I should say I just modified it a bit, but need to keep up with it a bit more. You can find it HERE . Also I have not commented on Last weeks Daytona. I am very happy for J-Mac and that team. It was neat to see the Bass Pro Shops… more »

#trackback SPAM SUX

So this is the latest issue. I now get 4-5 track back spams a day. I fixed the comment spam, but not get this freaking Track back Spam. I need to figure out how to block that crap. Nascar - It's all but over, JJ did a great job today, and it's all… more »

Cup results at Daytona #nascar

Congrats to Tony again for his victory at Daytona, he had one of the best cars all night long, so congrats to Tony and HIS team. To be honest he has way surpassed my expectations for what he would accomplish this year. He has already won 2 races, he l… more »

4th of July, Daytona Style...

Well it's my favorite holiday of the year, yes the 4th of July. The day we celebrate our independence from Great Britain. I just hope next year we still have a country left after what the anointed ONE is doing to our country. Spend money on this, spe… more »