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Ho hum... Time for a new blog..

I hate this software, now I have a plugin that is failing and I can't seem to disable it. Sucks, I guess it's time to attempt to use WordPress about the only one I haven't tried, not sure why I just haven't. So I am watching The Obama Deception, the… more »

#globalwarming is here!

Yup as you can see in the picture below GLOABL WARMING has arrived in Sugar Land Texas. Yes I said TEXAS. I have to admit, I never really believed Al Gore, but I have to say maybe I do now. He was right. This was taken on my cell phone yester… more »

#funny stuff on the internet

Sometimes you read stuff on the internet and you have to pass it on, well rather than email everyone with this story, I will just post it on my blog, sure my blog isn't read that much, but you have to start some where. Read this story about a bar own… more »

Welcome to my new blog.

This is my twisted view of the world, from time to time I will post things that interest me, etc.. Could be about sports, movies, politics, work, fun, guns, Nascar, etc... I am going to discuss things that happen to be important to me at the time,… more »